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Our mission? To make healthy eating so tasty, easy and effortless that it becomes our way of life.

A diet filled with high quality, real ingredients - Proteins, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds - is the foundation to human health! Our goal is to make eating in this way easy - either to kickstart a new lifestyle or to provide busy people with the ease of prepared meals, made from scratch, with real, clean ingredients.

Careful thought is given to each Voilà meal to ensure it is balanced across the macro-nutrients. Our meals are made from complex carbohydrates for slow-releasing energy without the blood sugar spike, highest quality protein for satiety, and good-for-you non-inflammatory fat for brain and cell health. Eating in the Voila brings natural satiety and fills us with energy so we can say goodbye to the afternoon slump, and look and feel really good just by eating!

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