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Wholesome, balanced meals delivered to your door for a healthier lifestyle.


French Chef prepared Meals

Indulge in Voilà's delectable, fulfilling meals, conveniently delivered to your doorstep every week. Experience the perks of a meticulously crafted 500-calorie meal, without lifting a finger.

Vacuum sealed packaging 

Embrace the goodness of our freshly crafted meals, securely sealed in eco-conscious, food-grade packaging. This meticulous approach guarantees premium nutrition and unparalleled freshness upon delivery. With minimal air exposure, we safeguard the nutrients, ensuring that the highest quality of fresh food graces your plate.

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Backed by science

Leave the heavy lifting to us as we curate nutritionally balanced meals that promise both delight and the fulfillment of a well-rounded diet. With the expertise of Hong Kong's foremost chefs, nutritionists, and personal trainers, we've crafted an experience that ensures your journey to wellness is nothing short of exceptional.

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Select your menu before our Friday 4pm deadline and receive 2 deliveries per week on Monday's & Thursday before 7am. Each delivery will include 2-3 days worth of food.

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Ticks all the Boxes

☑ Nutrient Rich

You'll feel full and look amazing.

☑ No Added Sugar

No hidden sugars in your food.

☑ Whole Grains

Only real, whole, clean ingredients.

☑ Low in Salt

We figure you can add but you can't take away.

☑ Balanced Meals

Across good for you carbs, proteins and fat.

Our Food Principles

Every Voilà meal is meticulously crafted, prioritizing a harmonious balance of macro-nutrients. Complex carbohydrates provide sustained energy release, avoiding blood sugar spikes. Premium protein satisfies, while healthful, non-inflammatory fats nourish brain and cellular well-being. Dining with Voilà naturally fuels energy, banishing afternoon slumps, and fostering a radiant look and feel. Experience the transformative power of eating well!


Thanks to Voilà, Sunday night can now be spent enjoying the weekend to the fullest. With fresh, healthy, calorie counted, delicious meals delivered straight to my door, I couldn't be happier. I have particularly enjoyed the variety of meals that have been delivered which have offered a mixture of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes.

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